Supreme Petfoods: The home of family pet care

Small pets deserve to be fed the very best nutrition. Want to know what to feed a rabbit, guinea pig or hamster to keep them healthy? Ask the experts at Supreme.

Supreme has an innovative approach to foods for small pets:

  • Developer of the highest fibre nuggets for rabbits
  • Maker of great tasting recipes that pets love – without adding unhealthy ingredients like syrups, sugars or molasses
  • Provider of nutritionally balanced foods and clear guidelines on how to feed
  • Inventor of unique textures and formats, such as Monoforage┬« technology, to provide long fibre
  • Formulator of a range of specialist veterinary diets for small pets with diet responsive conditions

An encyclopaedic knowledge of the nutritional requirements of a whole range of exotic mammals has allowed Supreme to develop the widest range of veterinary recommended species-specific foods for small furries with the Selective brand.

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